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Free Webinar - Cancer & Sleep


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AnCan 5th Monday Plenary .... Cancer, Sleep & Dreams 

Tuesday,Jan 30 - 

Brisbane: Tuesday 30 January 11AM

Sydney: Tuesday 30 January Noon

Adelaide: Tuesday 30 January 11:30AM

Perth: Tuesday 30 January 9AM

Joining instructions below
pdf attached

Hello Friends -


One subject we all experience, often in a highly compromised fashion after diagnosis, is SLEEP! It rarely gets addressed ... we just take it for granted even though we spend a third of our lives trying to practice it. 
  • How many of you have raised sleep issues with your medical team?
  • How many of you realize many of your side effects are sleep related?
AnCan is hosting a rarely addressed topic in our 5th Monday plenary .... 'Cancer & Sleep'. We welcome Dr. Rubin Naiman, a recognized sleep expert who is a colleague of Andrew Weil at the Arizona Integrative Medicine Center.
While the presentation addresses all cancers, PCa will get special attention.
A pdf is attached and the URL is https://www.ancan.org/cancer-sleep-dreams - this subject impacts most survivors but is all too often swept under the carpet. Please join us and spread the word to others that may be impacted. 
Questions can be submitted ahead of time to info@ancan.org; or, submitted via the Chat Window if you join online.
For phone participants, slides will be available at https://www.ancan.org/cancer-sleep-dreams at least 24 hours prior.
If the GoToMeeting Virtual Room is full, please join by phone.
Onward & upwards, rick
PS Recording should be available within 24 hrs after at https://www.ancan.org/cancer-sleep-dreams




Answer Cancer Meeting Room:

Click here or paste  https://www.gotomeet.me/AnswerCancer into your browser 

You will be using your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - to minimize background noise, please mute your mic when not speaking.

First GoToMeeting? Do a quick system check: https://link.gotomeeting.com/system-check


If the GoToMeeting Virtual Room is full, please join by phone & download slide presentation


United States  +1 (646) 749-3129

Canada   +1 (647) 497-9353

Australia  +61 2 8355 1020

United Kingdom +44 330 221 0088          

Access Code: 222-583-973               

Rick Davis, Founder
Next AnCan Women's Breast Cancer Group Feb 1, 2018 - info on website ... spread the word.
Next AnCan Men's Breast Cancer Group Feb 22, 2018 - info on website ... spread the word.
A Minnesota 501c3 Corp, EIN 81-1588152 
6905 Rosemary Road, Eden Prairie MN 55346
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Cancer & Sleep plenary promo final sm.pdf

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