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How to search for things in the forums

Paul Edwards

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In this morning's teleconference it was mentioned that not many people use the search function on the forums.


If you are looking for something in the forums, one of the quickest ways to find it is to do a search.


First get to the forums. Go to JimJimJimJim.com. Click on the blue ribbon. The blue ribbon is on nearly every page, usually near the top of the page.


For example, if you are looking for posts about a particular drug, say Xofigo:

  • just type the word "Xofigo" into the Search Box in the top right corner of the Forums screen;
  • press the green button with the magnifying glass on it;
  • then you will get a list of all the previous posts that have mentioned Xofigo; and
  • you can then select the post that you want to read by clicking on it.


Have a try - you'll find it very simple to do.

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