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So far so good


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Hi all

This is my story of my journey since diagnosis.

Back in Sept 2008 (age 57) I was diagnosed with high risk prostate cancer (PSA 58, Gleason score 3 + 5= 8, T2B).

I had no symptoms and the disease was picked up via a PSA test ordered by my GP.

CT scan and bone scan were negative.

I had two doses of Zoladex 10.8mg prior to external beam radiation in April / May 2009 at the RBWH in Brisbane.

The PSA dropped to .03, but slowly started to rise up until 2012 to .60, in 2013 it dropped to .49 and my oncologist

only wants to see me annually at this stage.

So in summary it's been 5 years, which at times I wasn't sure if I would get this far, I feel great, I retired and

now spend as much time with my family as possible.

I keep my fingers crossed every time the PSA test comes around but now my goal is 10 years.

                                             Regards to all


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