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"Purposeful" exercise regime when on ADT

Paul Edwards

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Exercise has been found in clinical trials to counter many of the side effects of androgen deprivation therapy.


Edith Cowan University in Perth has been prominent in undertaking clinical trials about exercise and cancer.


The results of one of their latest trials are being presented last Saturday at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2014 Annual General Meeting.


The purpose of the study was to assess the effects of two varying exercise regimens, one targeting the musculoskeletal system (impact loading + resistance training; ILRT) and the other the cardiovascular and muscular systems (aerobic + resistance training; ART) against a control group.


195 men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer involving ADT with no regular exercise (undertaking structured aerobic or resistance training two or more times per week) within the previous 3 months were recruited for the study.


They were then randomly allocated to one of 3 groups

  1. 12 month program of resistance/impact loading exercise,
  2. 12 month program of resistance/cardiovascular exercise and
  3. 6 months usual care (no planned exercise) followed by 6 months of exercise (delayed)

Groups 1 and 2 did the same resistance training exercises that targeted the major upper and lower body muscle groups.


Group 1 then did impact loading exercises such as skipping, hopping, leaping and drop jumping.


Group 2 then did aerobic exercise using various modes such as walking or jogging on a treadmill, cycling or rowing stationary ergometer, or exercising on a cross training machine.


The study found that:

  • compared to pre-intervention, the impact loading and resistance training group and the aerobic plus resistance exercise training group  generally improved in most physical function tasks.
  • The impact loading and resistance training regime produced superior gains in lean mass and muscle strength compared to the aerobic plus resistance training regime.


An abstract of the study “A multicenter yearlong randomized controlled trial of different exercise modalities in prostate cancer survivors on androgen deprivation therapy” is available at http://abstracts.asco.org/144/AbstView_144_132825.html


Warning.  This report of the study should not be seen as a substitute for your doctor’s or other health professional’s advice.  The exercise regimes mentioned here may not be suitable for you.  You should not commence or vary an exercise regime without first obtaining appropriate advice.

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