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'Prostmate' website


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Hi All,


The new 'Prostmate' website  provides a user-friendly space for you to create and maintain an excellent (and printable) chronological record of the details of your PCa diagnosis, primary treatment and subsequent treatments, along with the details of your pathology and imaging results with all your testing and milestone dates, in both text and graphical form. 


Importantly, the site provides coaching programs to clarify some of the more technical aspects of PCa, its treatment options and their side effects, and how to recognise and deal with the negative emotional impacts of PCa, both on the male affected and on his intimate partner, other carers and family members. Registering for 'My Road Ahead' makes an excellent coaching program immediately accessible, while providing anonomous research information available to clinical scientists for the benefit of us all.


Google 'Prostmate' and take a close look at what this new website has to offer!





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