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We know most men want to read the Telephone Meeting Minutes.


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I have checked with the APC Forum teleconference people and they have advised that you can have in excess of 200 people on the conference call.


They have suggested next time that there is interference that someone calls them and they will listen in and try and determine what may be causing the interference.


Please follow the guidelines.


The following guide lines are CRITICAL to help ensure that the APC Forum (you the members) continue to have accurate  minutes of each conference call in a timely manner. Clarity of the call recording is essential.


Help the Secretary by

Definitely No Noise

i.e.  - radio, TV, computer, pets, other phones, talking with spouse or grandchildren.


Yourself - mute button, or mouthpiece away from mouth.


Your Phone - call waiting off (#43#), Mute button or hang up to leave the room. No mute button? ##4 to mute, ##5 to unmute. Cordless phone - don't carry, put on folded handkerchief to limit reverberation.


Other calls - Please DO NOT use call waiting or another line on the same phone to take another call - members around Australia are left listening to your 'hold' music until you return.



ALLWAYS Say who you are when signing in, and each time you speak.

Speak clearly into mouthpiece in ordinary voice.

Listen for the gavel. The Chair may need to interrupt.


HELP the secretary by later emailing telephoning KEY details of your talk or questions. This will help to ensure accuracy of minutes.

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