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Our Trip to Fiji, Regardless of Advanced Prostate Cancer


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Well folks,
Di and myself are on such a high that I am not sure who I have shared this message with and if you have heard it before then forgive me. Please put up with my ramblings. If I have people who don’t know me personally I apologies, but you are most welcome to share in my happiness and “over the moonness”. Who cares about grammar these days, ask any teenager!
Basically since November/December I have been steadily becoming more breathless, listless and lethargic (some of you probably think you haven’t known me any other way). I could only walk about 50 m before I had to have a rest. Both Di and myself separately thought that my cancer had spread to my lungs and chest and maybe other organs. We hadn’t discussed it between ourselves as I refused to acknowledge it. I didn’t want anything to interfere with our holiday in Fiji from 10th Jan. to 21st Jan., with Julian 7 and Jayden 12.
Whilst it impacted slightly we still had a fantastic time. Our bure was only about 150-200 m from the main resort buildings, dining area, bar and shaded recreation area and I could get there with a few stops but no major inconvenience. It was flat walking. I spent a lot of time reading my Kindle, watching the boys play on the pontoon in the lagoon, or sip on an occasional Fiji Bitter.
Whilst I wasn’t up to snorkeling, Di and the boys did a couple of trips and I just floated around in the beautiful water close to the boat. I did though go para sailing. The boys went twice. You are in a lower body harness and there is no strain on your arms etc. because you are towed from your hips whilst sitting.  A great experience.
When we got home I went and saw my GP, Mark, and had a few blood tests, x-ray, CT scan etc. Now for the good news.
Last week  Di and I met with my oncologist and he said he doesn't need to see me again unless in the next few years my PSA level starts to rise. He considers the cancer to be under control with the Lucrin injections  and I will continue to have one injection a month and my GP will monitor this.
Yesterday, Tues. 11th we met with the GP and he has confirmed that my CT scan of last week has shown that the nodes in my stomach (the very original cause of pain back on 22nd December 2012) have disappeared and quite a few of the metastases (secondary cancers) have either reduced or vanished from my liver and other bones. My Prostate gland is almost back to normal size although there is still a cancer there.
This is probably not curable but is well under control at this stage. My only ongoing discomfort is my breathlessness and tiredness and this has been confirmed as an iron deficiency. Bloody Anemia. GP has put me on Iron Tablets, no transfusion yet, and we will have a blood test in three weeks. He reckons by then I’ll be back to A1 or starting to get there.
Di has been made redundant and finishes work on the 31st March. Wuhooo! Hopefully we can now spend a few more years visiting friends, relos etc. and generally causing havoc where ever we go!
That’s it for now. I've got to go, there’s a dust storm in my eye.
Lots and lots of love for lots and lots of years,


Frank & Wonderwife.
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Fantastic news.


Have you discussed with your oncologist or GP about going onto 3 monthly Lucrin injections, rather than monthly ones?  You don't want to have any more jabs than you need to have.

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Good one, Frank! Good to hear you all had such a great holiday - AND especially that you've finally got your PCa to start behaving itself.


You might want to continue to keep a close eye on your diet (and a couple of key supplements), start winding up your exercise regime as your haemoglobin results get back to normal - but also keep a 6 or 13 week watching brief on your PSA level, while not being continually anxious about it. (Your GP can order these). 


 You've got plenty of life ahead  of you to look forward to now, so LIVE in the present : life ain't no dress rehearsal for anyone!


Best wishes,


Alan (Barlee)



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What a great story Frank: It is a great thing to bring a happy story full of hope to others. Makes a change with all the other crud going on about us. Best wishes mate for the future and the possibility of many further happy trips out and about and the promise of a healthier future.


Lee aka Popeye

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