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A friend of mine was diagnosed years ago with cancer and it's been a pretty devastating experience. They always tried to stay upbeat, but it is was still tough to know that all I could do for them is to be there for them, as I didn't really have any means to help them bare the burden financially.

It's years later now, but I still find myself looking online for different tools and things that could have helped Korbin in some way. Also, writing countless papers for my BA in Health Policy & Administration made stumbling across these tools a pretty common occurrence. I thought as my first post it would be awesome to share a few of these tools with! Here are a couple of the really neat ones. 


http://www.mylifeline.org/...This is a website where you can post any tasks that you are unable to accomplish due to the effects of your treatment, you're friends can chime in and let you know if they can lend a hand to help you with anything!


iChemoDiary – Treatment Specific

This is an app service helps you record your chemotherapy schedule, treatments and symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, temperature, lack of appetite and more. You can also add notes of things that you'd like to remember to tell your doctor.


http://www.lifecreditcompany.com/- This is a service that helps you get money to live a quality life while you're undergoing cancer treatment. They help you get money for treatment, living expenses, etc. by taking out a loan against your life insurance.


http://www.donationto.com/ - This is an awesome website kind of like Kickstarter that helps people crowdfund the capital needed to finance their treatments.


I truly hope that some of you find this helpful. If you know of any similar tools, please post them below.

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Thanks for sharing these resources Topher.


My understanding is that the Life Credit Company is a Californian based-company which will not provide loans on Australian life insurance policies.

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