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Blood in Urine


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I fully appreciate that this site does not offer medical advice. The problem I present here is slowly being investigated by my GP and Urologist and I am awaiting a date for further procedural investigation into the matter.


I have had intermittent visible blood in the urine over the past 5 months or so and recently several incidents of this in a more dramatic nature. I have been on the net investigating this stuff as I usually do and realised that I cannot recall any information on this issue appearing in this forum. So I thought I might throw this subject out to members for comment in the hope, that there may be some contributions in understanding this issue on a personal level.


I did not have surgery to remove the prostate but did have a TURP performed in May 2012. Radiation treatment commenced in Oct 2012 and completed late December 2012. I began ADT (Eligard 4 monthly implants) in March 2012 which is still ongoing. I was symptomatic when I first presented to the specialist and underwent a biopsy that confirmed my advanced prostate cancer in March 2012. My original symptoms that first sent me to the urologist included all the known listed ones except for blood in the urine. Blood in the urine is known as either microscopic haematuria ( not visible to the naked eye) or gross haematuria (visible to the naked eye)


My latest set of urine tests confirmed microscopic haematuria in the pathology reports (although I had been experiencing visible blood spotting from time to time over previous months) I am awaiting notice from the hospital as to the date I am booked to have a camera inserted to investigate further. Murphy's Law has prevailed and the blood in the urine suddenly has become more heavy and frequent with the addition of clots and tissue. (nice subject this one)


There could be many reasons for haematuria and I was thinking when the intermittent spotting began, that it was possibly due to a late reaction to the radiation treatment. However I have also been experiencing a deep ache in each side of my lower back so I am off to see my GP this week to see what she makes of all this and I will keep you posted on the outcome because my answers have yet to be resolved and they will need to be added to this little article of mine.


So having opened up this subject I look forward to any additional comments that may be of interest not only to myself but to others that might come looking for first hand personal experiences on this issue.


Lee aka popeye



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Hi Popeye

What you are experiencing aint pleasant.

I had a Radical Robotic Prostatectomy back in July 2011 but as they didnt get it all it seems have had IMRT and hormone treatment with Degarelix Firmagon for the last 2 years.  Never had any blood in the urine until this June when, because my wife and I were travelling to Europe for 6 weeks, and because Degarelix is a monthly injection, my specialist put me on a 3 month dose of Diphereline instead.  Almost immediately coincidentally I started getting gross hematuria that stayed for a week and then went away.  I had a cystoscopy to try and find out the reason but although identifying a raw 20 cent sized spot inside the bladder there was no clear reason found for the hematuria.  Initially it was thought that a tiny piece of gauze I had passed could have been an inadvertent leftover from the RPP op that had attached to the bladder wall, just released and had caused the hematuria.  All done and dusted so we went to Europe.


After some minor hematuria recurrences in Paris that through drinking lots of water overnight that seemed to clear and flush the system we were in rural France out of the blue one day and I was unable to pee.  After much drama and pain I ended up in a French hospital about to have a catheter inserted when I let go to my massive relief.  The culprit was a huuuuge blood clot.  After overnight drinking and passing a few more clots and bloody urine it cleared.  The French specialist immediately suggested aftereffects from the IMRT radiation some 18 months prior.  When I forwarded this opinion to my specialist he agreed that it was very likely as radiation treatment is "the gift that keeps giving" he said.


The hematuria came back briefly about 1.5 weeks later but by drinking lots of water I was able to clear it again.


Since arriving back home I made a point to check out the side effects of Diphereline and blood in urine was listed as a possible although unlikely side effect.  Subsequently, 6 months ago I have gone back to Degarelix which causes me grief at injection time but I have had no more instances of hematuria or urinary tract blockage (touch wood).


I'm not sure if my experience is of any value to you but it is interesting that both specialists linked my hematuria to the radiation treatment that I had had 18 months earlier.


Wishing you the very best,


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Hey janis: Many thanks for your reply and information. This is just the kind of stuff I was hoping to find and it gives me great hope in expecting to find it is related to my radiation treatment. Blood in the urine coupled with the expiration of clots and tissue is scary stuff when it is happening. I have found that there is a small warning for me that occurs just prior to urination that is very subtle and indicates I am about to pee blood. It is a slightly different urge than normal with some associated pain and I just know I am about to experience a problem. The passing of the clots and tissue stuff is a real pain in the ass as I temporarily cease being able to pee until the pressure blows it all out. I do fear the time when an extra large piece may block the urethra completely causing an emergency.

I have deliberately described my problem or problems here as an outline of how this issue may effect those unfortunate enough to experience this drama in the course of their cancer treatment. This is the driving force of my bringing this subject up in this forum. Thank you once again Janis for your comments on this subject.


Lee (aka popeye)

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