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ABC doing audience based show on prostate cancer

Nev Black

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Dear Queensland Board Members, Ambassadors, PCSG members and friends

The ABC rang to provide us with an opportunity to be on a national show.  I’m hoping that lots and lots of you in PCFA insignia will turn out on Sunday afternoon 17 November, in Brisbane.  The details I received are as follows: 

Here is our call out- if you want to share it- just use the link at the end of this email- we really need to get it out to the general public.

We are looking for audience members to take part in a new and exciting factual entertainment series called Save Your Life Tonight!

Commissioned by ABC TV, Save Your Life Tonight will explore the major health issues affecting Australia today. Filmed in front of a live audience, the series will focus on prevention. Audience members will have the opportunity to participate if they wish by having simple checks that could reveal the health risks they face.

Featuring a host, panel of medical experts and celebrity guests, over six episodes we will cover issues to do with Heart Disease, Skin Cancer, Weight and Diabetes, Mental Health, Lungs disease (including Asthma) and the most common cancers in Australian - Breast, Bowel and Prostate.  We will be filming at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

We are looking for
Brisbane and South East Queensland based participants to be part of the studio audience at least one day between the 14 and the 17 November 2013.

 How To Apply:
Email: info@wildfury.com.au or call 07 3891 7717 or to register your interest.

Please include:
1. Name(s) of people attending
2. Their age(s)
3. Contact number for each attendee
4. The episode(s) you wish to attend

Recording Dates

14th November (evening): Mental Health (FULLY BOOKED)
Test: Complete a questionnaire on arrival to studio

15th November (evening): Heart
Test: Blood Pressure check on arrival to studio

16th November (morning): Lungs
Test: Lung function/blow test on arrival to studio

16th November (evening): Weight & Diabetes
Test: Waist measurement and questionnaire on arrival to studio

17th November (morning): Skin Cancer
Test: Simple face skin assessment

17th November (afternoon): Breast, Bowel and Prostate Cancer
Test: Complete a questionnaire on arrival to studio

** IF YOU WANT TO SHARE ON FB/ SOCIAL MEDIA- here is the link to the site on the ABC website:


Kindest regards,

Kirsty de Vallance

A Cast of Thousands

p +61 2 8411 1045  |  m +61 403 182293  

PO Box 459 Pennant Hills. NSW. 1715. Australia.


 Finally I believe the panel speaker for prostate cancer will be our old friend Peter Swindle. So please share far and wide because we really need to be visible at this event! 

Kind regards


State Manager - QueenslandABC doing audience-based show on prostate cancer‏ABC doing audience-based show on prostate cancer‏


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