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Ketogenic diets

Paul Edwards

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During this morning's phone-in meeting, ketogenic (high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate) diets were mentioned.  I said that that I'd read recently read a warning about such diets but couldn't remember where.


I’ve now remembered that I read it in the latest issue of Dr Snuffy Myers’ Prostate Forum newsletter Volume 15 No.3. 


Dr Myers said that, whilst there is good safety data about the use of ketogenic diets for children with seizure disorders, he suggested thinking very carefully before starting a ketogenic diet for prostate cancer.


Dr Myers warned that “You should never consider a ketogenic diet without being under the direction of a physician who is willing to monitor you for such things as hyperuricemia, the risk for gout, and various acid-base disturbances that might occur.”

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