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Oligometastatic (few metastases) trial starting at Epworth Hospital Melbourne.

Paul Edwards

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Dr Faroudi spoke to the monthly teleconference on 23 August 2013 about the POPSTAR trial.


There is another clinical trial regarding stereotactic ablative body radiosurgery for oligometastatic cancer about to begin at the Prostate Cancer Research Centre at Epworth Hospital in Melbourne.


Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...

More on oligometastatic treatment (mostly Dr Snuffy Myers) at:

Five or fewer metastases - "durable remission"

... end Jim

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G'day All,


Patrick Bowden at Epworth is oanother well-recognised radonc expert in Melbourne who is actively researching stereotactic ablative body radiation to hit PCa mets. (Jeremy Millar at the Alfred's William Buckley Centre is also keen, but protocols there aren't quite ready).


This trial seems to be specifically targeting bone mets, rather than soft tissue / lymph node mets. Peter Mac (Dr Siva - an associate of Dr Faroudi) conducted a similar study targeting specific lung mets between 2010-12. Follow-up is continuing.


This technology is definitely  worth following. (I'm still being evaluated for Farad Faroudi's study at Peter Mac: I'll report in when I know more).




Alan Barlee

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