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Graham's story - Gleason score 9 raised to 10


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I had been monitoring PSA through an employer funded annual medical check since age 55yrs. I continued this through my GP on retirement in 2010






Month and year of diagnosis.  



Feb 2011






Age at diagnosis.  









PSA at diagnosis.  









Gleason score at diagnosis. (from biopsy)  









Bone scan result at diagnosis.  



Metastases in Pelvis, Spine, Ribs and Shoulder. Arms and Legs clear






Lymph nodes at diagnosis.  









Highest PSA before treatment.  









Initial treatment - hormone therapy.  



Hormone Therapy : Andocur + Eligard 3mthly, then Cosudex + Eligard, then Eligard.






Lowest PSA after initial treatment.  



PSA 0.11






Month and year of recurrence.  



Nov 2011






PSA at recurrence.  



PSA 0.14






Bone scan result at recurrence.  



Decrease in uptake in old spots but new spots showing






Recurrence treatment - chemotherapy.  



Cabazitaxel 25mg/m2 3wkly + Hormone treatment






Recurrence treatment - other. Example:  



Hormone (Eligard) + Zytiga + Xgeva






Current treatment status.  



Continuing: Hormone (Eligard) + Zytiga + Prednisolone + Xgeva



30 Jul 2014 Continuing: Hormone (Eligard) + Zytiga + Prednisolone. Xgeva Treatment stopped.



Last few PSA scores with dates.  



PSA 0.44 May 2013, PSA 0.20 June 2013, PSA 0.11 Aug 2013, PSA 0.07 Oct 2013, PSA 0.06 Feb 2014, PSA 0.041 Apr 2014, PSA 0.032 Jul 2014






Final paragraphs  



The Chemo was provided through the Firstana Trial and caused internal bleeding after 8 Cycles (24wks) and was stopped by the Oncologist. IT DID STOP CANCER GROWTH.



Currently ADT + Zytiga + Prednisolone  has the cancer under control.



Date updated.  



22 Aug 2014



Dec 2015 Update



After approx 2yrs on Zytiga + Prednisone this treatment started to fail earlier this year. In Oct with the PSA doubling in a 3 month period the oncologist did a Steroid Switch to Dexamethasone. This switch worked with a 50% reduction in PSA over 2 mths.


Sept 2016 Update

Some PSA Figures with dates:- 16 Dec 15 PSA 0.19, 25 Jan 16 PSA 0.41, 11 Feb 16 PSA 0.47, 26 Apr 16 PSA 0.70, 6 Jun 16 PSA 0.78, 1 Aug 16 PSA 1.9

Had Radiation treatment to L4 and T8 for back pain 3 Mar 16 this was followed by a small drop in PSA.

8 Aug 16 Bone & CT scans indicate uptake in known Metastatic sites and some new sites. This plus the doubling of PSA over two months indicates Zytiga not working.

20 Aug 16 Zytiga and Dexamethasone stopped in preparation for Chemotherapy.

31 Aug 16 Chemo started. Taxotere every 3 weeks.


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