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Fish and fish oil - last words from Dr Snuffy Myers (2 videos) and Professor Mark Moyad (1 article)


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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...

To date I have just tried to supply summaries of the key papers in the issue, to help you make up your mind.


But today I offer you opinions from:

  • Dr Charles "Snuffy" Myers, a medical oncologist with a worldwide reputation; and
  • Professor Mark Moyad, an expert on preventative and alternative medicine with a worldwide reputation.


Mark Moyad's position is easiest to put clearly:


Treat fish oil as you would any other medicine.


Fish oil is indicated to:

  • reduce abnormally high triglycerides levels; and
  • perhaps reduce dry eye; and
  • perhaps reduce arthritis pain for some people.


If you qualify under any of these indications, weigh the risks and benefits. Otherwise leave it alone.


Professor Moyad does not believe there is any prostate cancer risk associated with fish or fish oil.

He thinks eating fish is both heart healthy and prostate healthy.


He is quite frustrated that the public focuses on less important health issues, and ignores the most important issue - weight control - which does have a significant effect on the length and quality of your life.


Professor Mark Moyad's article is published in a UsToo Hotsheet.


UsToo is the organization in the USA most like the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) in Australia. It organizes support groups, runs a website with information and forums, and advocates for men with prostate cancer.


One of UsToo's most significant contributions to men around the world is its monthly newsletters (called HotSheets). 


Professor Moyad's article is in the August 2013 issue.



I'll let Dr Snuffy Myers talk for himself on his two videos.


But, in summary, he says fish is a safe effective way of limiting metastatic prostate cancer.


His videos:


Omega 3s + PCa (7 minutes)



Prescription Omega 3 Fatty Acids? (13:30 minutes)



... end Jim

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