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Cabazitaxel alone, abiraterone alone, or both one after another slowed prostate cancer progression after docetaxel


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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...


Cabazitaxel used alone, and abiraterone used alone slowed prostate cancer progression in castrate resistant men who had failed taxotere. Having both, one after another, worked better. There were too few men in the trial to tell which was better to have first.

Months to progression:

Abiraterone alone 8.6 months
Cabazitaxel alone 4.7 months
Cabazitaxel then abiraterone 8.2 + 5.6 = 13.8 months
Abiraterone then cabazitaxel 8.2 + 4.0 = 12.2 months

... end Jim

Potential predictive and prognostic factors for sequential treatment with abiraterone acetate and cabazitaxel in metastatic docetaxel-refractory castration-resistant prostate cancer (mDR-CRPC).

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Source URL: http://meetinglibrary.asco.org/content/114827-132

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