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He's back! Look for pearls in a flood of emails.


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Jim and Wendy have returned to their home, 7 months after the first lightning strike hit their roof.


A full account of the three lots of damage can be found in earlier postings:




So many people have helped us to get where we are now. Some members and their families were able to do things for us. Others offered to, and many more wished us well. Your support has kept us going with good cheer. Thank you



A lot of good material has arrived in my inbox in the past few weeks, and I will be posting these on the website. Of course, you will be getting an email for each of these.


In the flood of emails there will be a few pearls. Look out particularly for:

  • the minutes of the last phone-in meeting where a number of members and psychologist Samantha Clutton discussed dealing with the stresses and uncertainties of dealing with advanced prostate cancer; and
  • "Roses for my lady" a talk often presented by famous prostate cancer campaigner Harry Pinchot which many have found inspirational in their own cancer journey.
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