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Mike from New Zealand - my prostate cancer history


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Introduction - if you wish
Seven year since opp cancer metastasize to most of my bones on my upper body,including my head.

Month and year of diagnosis. Example: June 2009
NOV 2007

Age at diagnosis. Example 61 years

PSA at diagnosis. Example: 7.7

Gleason score at diagnosis. (from biopsy) Examples: 7 OR 3+4

Biopsy details. Examples: Positive cores 7/12 (58%) OR (R: 4+5 75%, 4+5 75%, 4+5 95%, 4+3 20%, 3+4 15% L: -, -, -, -, -, 3+4 50%) 

Bone scan result at diagnosis. Examples: Clear OR Metastases in pelvis and lower spine
Metastatic Bone Disease lower thoracic spine lumber spine 
right pelvis right humeral shaft and left ribs dense osseous metastases involve the temperol bone extending into the left frontal bone including the roof of the orbit laterally on the left,

Lymph nodes at diagnosis. Examples: Clear OR CT scan shows 2 lymph nodes positive
Large node near pancreas

Highest PSA before treatment. Example: 10.4

Initial treatment - surgery. Examples: Robotic prostatectomy OR open prostatectomy

Initial treatment - radiation. Examples: External beam OR brachytherapy OR HDR brachytherapy boost
Radiation at various times

Initial treatment - hormone therapy. Examples: Zoladex, continuous OR Zoladex + Cosudex intermittent after initial 12 months
Zoladex Jan 2008

Lowest PSA after initial treatment. Example: 0.2

Testosterone after treatment. Examples: 6 nmol/L after 6 months, 15 nmol/L after 18 months
20 6 months 40 after 18months

Month and year of recurrence. Example: June 2012

PSA at recurrence. Example: 2.7

Bone scan result at recurrence. Examples: Clear OR Metastases in pelvis and lower spine
Metastases in most bones in lower regions

Other scan result at recurrence. Examples: CT scan clear OR Pelvic MRI with IV contrast shows recurrence in prostate bed

Current treatment status. Examples: Continuing ADT OR Monitoring PSA each 6 weeks
psa 159 2013

I have had Prostic Cancer for 7years.I had a Radical Prostatectomy 7y ago but the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes.i insisted that i have Zoladex.Which i have been taken since then.

The cancer has matastisised to all the bones in my upper bones apart from my legs.I am getting anMRI Scan in about two weeks to check out my brain.as i have been having lots of pain in my head.
Hope everything is good across there.
Hope i can join your organisation as i was a cancer volunteer for the Cancer society for 5y but they wont let me drive people with all the drugs i am taking.I also run a support group which met once a month but i am packing it in this month.


Date updated. Example 23 September 2012
May 2013


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