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Queensland Cancer Council opens sixth accommodation facility for rural and regional people to get treatment in the city


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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...

It is a fact that the survival statistics for men with prostate cancer in rural and regional Australia are worse than those in the cities.


The causes are complex.


But one problem is that men in these areas are not able to travel from home to regular treatment like men in the cities are.

And a typical prostate cancer treatment is radiotherapy (x-rays) every week day for 7 weeks.


The Queensland Cancer Council is working to make this less of a problem by providing accommodation for rural and regional people so they have a place to stay while they get their treatment in the cities.


This video is from the ABC news about the sixth such accommodation facility to be provided through the work of the Cancer Council, which will take its first clients in May 2013.



The link below is to a page or document that we do not control. 
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Check with your doctor if something interests you. 
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Click on this sentence to watch the 5 min video.


.. end Jim

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My wife and I have just watched the ABC video about another Cancer Council Lodge being prepared in Brisbane.

We spent January and February this year, at the Charles Wanstall Lodge in Herston, and recall seeing Mr and Mrs Koslovski there.

We agree with them that without the absolutely free accommodation, our bank account would have looked a bit sick; this was in addition to the free transportation to and from Rocky, and the CCQ shuttle to the Hospital. Plus, we would like to add, the excellent attention provided by the staff at the Lodge.


I would like to mention that the PET Scan was primed to check out for any Prostate Cancer metastasis while it checked me out for any spread of the Lung Cancer for which I was being treated. The PCa check was negative, 14 years after my Radical Prostatectomy, which showed positive margins ( however this was followed up with an immediate 6 month course of ADT -Zoladex-  but no Radiation. Undetectable psa assays since)


Incidentally, the lung cancer is primary adenocarcenoma in the upper left lobe, with no spread detected. I had the chemotherapy and radiation treatment in Brisbane, and with a bit of luck, hope to see this one out as well - that's what comes from early diagnosis 





Jeff Lowe
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the problem of greater mortality/lesser survival for rural men with PCa is a little more complex.

1 getting to the doc. first.

2 getting to a urologist 

3 getting into a hospital for a biopsy

all before having surgery/radiotherapy.


It is a sad problem.


Medical services are not equitable to all citizens.


Equality is a pie in the sky, it seems.
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