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Exile, new email address, lost email, new email system


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Jim and Wendy are back in exile again.


For anyone interested, I have updated 

Lightning - two strikes

with a cyclone Oswald postscript.



The builders started work repairing the damage from the 3 storms on Thursday.

They expected to take 3 weeks, but if they keep up the rate of the last 2 days it seems to me it could be sooner - six men arrived, the ceilings came down, cabling for 13 new light fittings was put up, and the lounge ceiling was sheeted by Friday evening.


Our mail address is unchanged.

Our home phone number is unchanged (forwards to the unit). You can find it at JimJimJimJim.com at the bottom right of the front page.


Wendy and I are at Unit 132, Oasis Appartments, 5 Chasley Street, Auchenflower. If you are in the area, feel free to drop in (call first).


New email address

Most communication will be through the website, as usual - Click on the blue ribbon to go to the forums, choose a forum, click the Post New Topic button. Or Click the Reply button to reply to any email I send out.


But those of you who have emailed me personally, please note my new email address is:

available to members (who have signed in) in the Members List

This replaces the old address @theMarshalls.

Not a member? Go to JimJimJimJim.com and click on Contact Jim.


Lost email

While moving emails from a backup of my old computer to my new one, I lost some emails.

I'm afraid I can't tell exactly when they were sent.

But, if you sent me an email before last week, and are still expecting a reply, please resend.


New email system

I have changed our email provider to Mandrill, who give us faster delivery and who make it easer to find and fix wrong email addresses.

That means, I'm afraid, lots more test emails.

Please just delete those emails that ask you to ignore, and reply to those which ask if everything looks ok.

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