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Our first partner-member. All partners welcome to join the website.


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Members recently voted that partners should have full membership of the website.

(Full participation in phone-in meetings still faces the problem of numbers speaking in a limited time, and we are still working on this. Our first shared phone-in meeting recently certainly went very well.)

One problem with having partners as website members is that our website software will not allow two members to have the same email address.

Before I could come up with a solution to this problem, partner Ros Emmerson, wife of new member Ross Emmerson has jumped the gun and become our first Partner-member this morning.

Welcome Ros!

We can't resolve the same-email-address problem.

So, if a partner wishes membership, there are two ways to work.

  1. Just keep one email address. The pair should then make who is posting clear. One way would to start each posting with Susan said ... or John said ...
  2. Get an new email address for the partner. Gmail (which works in your internet browser) is probably easiest.


Note: Not in the instructions - if someone who uses your computer already has a Gmail account and is signed in, you will need to click on their name (near the top right of the screen) and click on Sign out before your create your own Gmail account. Each of you will need to do this every time you check your Gmail if the other has not signed out.

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