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Volunteer Treasurer needed


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We need a treasurer.

So far, managing funds has been simple.

One member spontaneously gave Jim Marshall $200 towards expenses, and Jim spent it.

But it is probably time to get more organized.

The job won't be too arduous.

We don't have access to fundraising like regular groups.

We are spread far an wide and cannot get together.

Some of our members are restricted in their activities because of their illness, or their treatment.

Given this, a member of a regular support group has recently indicated that he proposes to ask his group to donate funds for our use.

More, he proposes asking other regular support groups to consider doing the same.

We should rigorously account for any monies we get.

Hence the need for a Treasurer.

You only need two things:

  • Easy access to a Commonwealth Bank (gives charge-free account to PCFA affiliated support groups).
  • Ability to keep a simple account - In, Out, Balance.

Click on this sentence to contact Jim to apply or ask questions.

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