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Men, partners, family, friends, doctors, nurses - last day to make a difference on Abiraterone on PBS


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Should the government spend some millions of dollars putting abiraterone on the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme)?

Is the higher quality of life from this tablet used after docetaxel chemo fails worth the money?

The committee deciding this wants to hear from ordinary people.

Not scientific evidence.

Just a few simple sentences on why it should happen.

England, Scotland, Wales have abiraterone on NHS.

Men in USA have it.

Get it put on the PBS for Australian men.

Video guide

Click on it to watch

The form

Click on this sentence to fill in the form.

PCFA advice

Click on this sentence to read PCFA suggestions.

If you wish to phone someone to ask them to look at this, just send them to


and tell them it's at the top of the page.

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