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Prostate cancer DVD library now open for men with advanced prostate cancer in Australia


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Thanks to some more sterling work by Nev Black, the new DVD library is open.

The library is for members only. It is free.

Just tell us what you want and we will post you the DVD.

There is a new menu on JimJimJimJim.com called:

Even more ...

This drops down to reveal the Twitter page (moved) and the DVD Library page..

Just one page - choose a DVD, fill out the request form at the bottom of the page.

You will need to supply your postal address, even if you have given it to us before, because the DVD librarian may not always be an Admin member privy to your private details.

The latest video on the list is the one referred to a few days ago by USA medical oncologist Richard Lam.

The video is online at http://forums.jimjimjimjim.com/index.php?/topic/526-advanced-prostate-cancer-video-dr-richard-lam-mo-pcri-usa/

However, we are offering it as a DVD to members who need it this way. One advantage of the DVD is that the 1 hour 25 minute video is divided into chapters - easier to find what you want.

By Nev's magic, more than one member may borrow any DVD at the same time.

Visit the DVD library here:


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