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Encore: Revision: Clarified mitoxantrone info in Jevtana (Cabazitaxel) PBS approved in Australia article


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In the topic:

Jevtana (Cabazitaxel) PBS approved in Australia after docetaxel chemo fails


was written:

Another chemotherapy agent sometime used is Novantrone/DHAD (Mitoxantrone (sometimes spelt mitozantrone)). It has not been reported to extend life, but can give many patients a greater quality of life.

I have added an addendum to note the successful use of mitoxantrone used early in the treatment of locally advanced prostate cancer:

[Addendum: Novantrone/DHAD (Mitoxantrone (sometimes spelt mitozantrone)) did extend life significantly if given with Combined Hormone Blockade (CAB) to men with locally advanced disease as the first treatment in a small study of 38 men.

CAB = an LHRH agonist like Lucrin or Zoladex + an antiandrogen like Cosudex or Flutamide.]

LHRH agonists include Zoladex (Goserelin), Lupron (leuprorelin), Eligard (leuprolide), Lucrin (leuprorelin acetate), Suprefact (buserelin), Suprecor (buserelin), Synarel (nafarelin), histrelin (Supprelin), Suprelorin (deslorelin), Ovuplant(deslorelin), Triptorelin

Antiandrogens used in primary hormone therapy include Cosudex/Casodex (bicalutamide), Anandron (Nilutamide), Nilandron(Nilutamide), Eulexin (Flutamide), all nonsteroidal, and Androcur (Cyproterone, a steroid)

See the amended topic here:


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Guest petermac

Hi, I've followed this process almost to script. 2011 had 10 treatments with Taxotere with good results reducing towards the end. Followed 2011 Oct to March 2012 trial of Abaraterone which failed to deliver and returnted to chemo (Mitoxantrone). First treatment totally killed bone metastases pain (consideale( and now after 4 by 3wwk treatments....some minor pain returning but qualiy of life great

Certainly another good option in managing the cancer.


Peter McNally

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