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Encore: Are you only seeing half the story?


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Just in case you missed the newsletter that told of the new column on the front page of our forums, here is the sort of thing you may have been missing.

In the past, if there was lively debate on a topic, only those who took part in the debate knew about it, because they each got an email when the first new reply was added since their last visit.

Now, the right hand column shows both new topics (as in the past), plus topics with new replies since your last visit.

So, in the past, most members would not have known that there were 8 replies to Guihan's topic:

Who would be interested in a case like mine?

But now, if you click on the blue ribbon to go to the forum home page, when a new reply arrives, Guihan's topic pops up to the top again, and the new number of replies listed. You can click on the title to be taken to the topic with its replies.

You can check that out yourself on the forum home page by clicking on the

blue ribbon.

Hear from some of you tomorrow, Friday 22 June 2012 at 9:30 for our Focus group/teleconference.



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