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Feraheme MRI & Lymph Node Involvement - emerging technology

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As I understand it, Feraheme is made of tiny nano-particles of iron.

It is approved in the USA or the treatment of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) in adults with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a way of scanning inside the body to see the soft tissues as well as the bones.

A normal MRI can pick up larger spots of prostate cancer. In the lymph nodes, these cancers need to be about 10mm for a normal MRI to see them.

At Sand Lake Imaging in Florida, USA, Feraheme injections are given before an MRI.

Prostate cancer spots stand out bright white.

A prostate cancer in a lymph node only 2mm wide can be clearly seen.

Then it can be burnt out with a tiny focused radiation.

So far, this appears to be quite successful.

Feraheme is not currently available in Australia.

But, of course, if shown successful, it will be very easy to import.

Negative considerations.

  • The technique can only see active prostate cancer, so you have to stop other treatment to let the cancer grow.
  • Heart problems have been reported in using Feraheme in chronic kidney disease. In the odd single dose for imaging, this may be less of a problem, but should be taken into consideration.

An Australian man I spoke to on the phone who visited Sand Lake Imaging was unable to be scanned because he was in remission at the time.

His recollection was that scanning and subsequent radiation would cost about $7000.

Dr Snuffy Myers has a video on Feraheme MRI & Lymph Node Involvement here:


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