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Second opinion on your biopsy

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Probably a little late for most of us, but you often see a recommendation to get a second opinion on your biopsy readings from an expert pathologist.

There are no league tables of pathologists to guide us in this. Given the generally high level of medical expertise in Australia, I am sure there are many.

However, I note that the respected USA prostate cancer medical oncologist Dr Stephen Strum does have an Australian pathologist in his list of experts in prostate cancer biopsy reading.

He is:

Dr Ronnie Cohen


Unit 2

47 Oxford Close

West Leederville

WA, 6007

Tel 08-93883180

Email ronnie@uropath.com.au

I have absolutely no expertise in this area.

I offer this for you to take to your doctor, if you wish a second opinion.

Your doctor will have expertise in this area.

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