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HowTo 1050: Research and copyright: Solution 6: Offer to email the file


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One member offers to send the document to another.

Especially useful for large files like PDFs, this does not solve the copyright problem.

But one cancer survivor passing one file to one other cancer survivor seems less likely to attract the attention of the big companies.

You make a new topic with an offer to send the file.

In your post, they have to know:

  • what you are offering,
  • if large, the size, and
  • how to contact you.

An optional extra is to put your username as a clickable link in your post.

You make it clickable by putting [ member=YourUserName ]

(No spaces just inside the square brackets. Just used here to make clear.)


Your topic will look like this when you post it.

(more or less)


Sending the file

There are several ways to email a file.

Most people prefer to click the Attachment button in their email application.


I am not a lawyer.

Do NOT depend on the information on this page.

Check it yourself before taking any action.

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