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HowTo 1040: Research and copyright: Solution 5: PDF files - link warning


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Links to PDF documents

This is really just an extension of the link solution.

PDFs present two problems to us:

  • They have technical difficulties for some people because of their size and special software needed to read them.
  • They often contain the full text of papers that companies like UroToday sell. This makes them more valuable to the companies, and more likely to attract their attention.

PDF files are specially made for printing.

They are great for this - they will usually come out pretty much the same on all printers.

PDF files are often quite large.

A printed page can easily contain 100 times more dots than your computer screen can.

The largest company supporting PDF files (and Flash videos) , Adobe Inc, has not sold key parts of its technology to either Microsoft or Apple.

So people with Microsoft Windows have to download, install, and upgrade Adobe Acrobat PDF reader to see PDF files.

(And while not relevant here, people with Apple iPad or iPhone cannot view any site with Flash video.)

So, large files, slow (and expensive for some) to load, sometimes difficult for people to get to read.

So you copy the web address.


Paste it into your topic - with a note saying it is a PDF.


Many will be able to read it, or download it to read, but not everyone.


I am not a lawyer.

Do NOT depend on the information on this page.

Check it yourself before taking any action.

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