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HowTo 1030: Research and copyright: Solution 4: Links - Google Scholar example


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Links to tackle copyright

Get around the copyright problem by not copying the information - just linking to it.

Here we use an article found by using Google Scholar as an example.

Note: "found by using Google Scholar".

Most articles are not "on" Google Scholar.

As below, Google Scholar links to the articles on other websites.

This solution is to put our own links to the other website.

Google Scholar is simpler to use than PubMed but it often brings up Copyright articles.

(All PubMed abstracts are in the public domain, and may be freely used if you mention PubMed.)



One solution to the problem of copyright is to copy the web address of the page, often called the link ...

Then you are not copying the information, just referring people to that page.


... and paste it into your topic ...


... where it becomes a link that others can click on ...


... a solution that will work with most web pages ...

... so why not use this for all the web pages we are interested in?

  • When people click on the title of you topic, they expect to read your topic, not to be taken to another website.
  • People can get confused as to where they are on the web, and how they got there. If you can put the article, or enough of it in your topic, they always have the blue ribbon to find there way home.
  • The link you copy today will become a 'dead link' if the page on the other site is moved, deleted, or temporarily unavailable - the dreaded '404 page not found on this server' message.
  • You are not able to highlight parts or add helpful comments on the article on the other site.

I am not a lawyer.

Do NOT depend on the information on this page.

Check it yourself before taking any action.

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