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HowTo 1020: Research and copyright: Solution 3: Press release


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You have come across an interesting article.


However, it's very clearly copyright.

One solution is to look for a press release from the company.

These are put out by the companies with the express wish that they are copied and published!


Press releases are usually found on the company website.

You can often guess the company website address by adding .COM to the company name.

Then you look for the words "press release", or "press".


The press release page will have many entries.

There may even be many pages, usually in date order.

Scroll down until you find the title of the press release you are looking for.

Click on the title to see the whole press release.


Once you find the press release, copy and paste all, or just the bits you want into your new topic.

The company puts out the press release so the information can get out to the widest audience.

They will be happy for you to use this information (unless a rider rules out Australia, or an embargo sets the first date you are allowed to publish.)


If you can't guess the company website, it's back to Google to try to find the press release.


I am not a lawyer.

Do NOT depend on the information on this page.

Check it yourself before taking any action.

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