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HowTo 1100: Clearly separate your comments from expert commentary - square brackets


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You've pasted in the article from an expert researcher ...

Men who consumed 2.5 or more eggs per week had an 81% increased risk of lethal prostate cancer compared to men who consumed less than 0.5 eggs per week (HR: 1.81; 95% confidence interval (CI): 1.13, 2.89; p-trend: 0.01). In the case-only survival analysis, we observed 123 events during 19,354 person-years. There were suggestive, but not statistically significant, positive associations between post-diagnostic poultry (HR ≥3.5 vs. <1.5 servings per week: 1.69; 95%CI: 0.96, 2.99; p-trend: 0.07) and post-diagnostic processed red meat (HR ≥3 vs. <0.5 servings per week: 1.45; 95%CI: 0.73, 2.87; p-trend: 0.08) and risk of progression of localized prostate cancer to lethal disease. In conclusion, consumption of eggs may increase risk of developing a lethal-form of prostate cancer among healthy men.

PMID: 21930800

Easiest way to keep your non-expert comments separate - two square brackets and your name or username

[superFred: This may be a USA thing. Chooks eat corn there. Not here. Corn has omega 6. Omega 3 from fish better, I think.]

which comes out just as you typed it.

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