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HowTo 0450: Cutting and pasting - without hidden problems


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Why do problems happen when cutting and pasting?

You don't need to know this first section. You can go straight to the pictures if you wish.

When you look at something on a computer, you are not seeing everything.

For instance, the computer has to know that the words hairy dogs are bold in this sentence.

Hidden from you in any computer document are codes (often in pairs) that tell the computer things like start bold, and stop bold.

That's fine - you don't need to see the codes, just that the words are bold.

But different computer applications use different codes.

Your web browser uses these codes, called HTML codes:

< b >hairy dogs< /b >

This community uses these codes, called BBcodes:

[ b ]hairy dogs[ /b ]

Microsoft in some of its documents uses:

\b hairy dogs\b0

Many different computer applications use their own codes, and they are most often different.

So cutting and pasting from one to the other can sometimes generate unexpected results.

In this Community, your word processor has three buttons to clean up what you have cut, and paste it in without problems.






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