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Urgency and voice recognition


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Some other men in this community will understand about urgency.

They will know that you can sit peacefully for hours, and then when you stand up to go and collect your grandson from school, the urgency beast can raise its ugly head.

When that happened to me yesterday - no panic.

Calmly walk towards the toilet, keeping glutes tight.

Take phone, tap Dragon Dictate, and say:

Sudden call of nature

full stop

May be a little late

full stop

Please tell Matthew's teacher

full stop

SMS to Lisa

What Lisa got was:

Sat in call of nature. May be a little late. Please tell Matthew's teacher.

When I arrived at school 10 minutes later, I was puzzled when Lisa said "You cleaned up quickly!"

I must remember to proofread, even at times of urgency!

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Guest tonybrown


I was listening to the radio the other day & some researcher has done a study on the effect of a full bladder on mental performance & concluded that the effect was worse than alcohol.

Dumb research on what is bleeding obvious.


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