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HowTo 0100: OUTDATED: VIDEO: Finding your way to the Community and around it


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Find the Community.

Click around the Community.

Find your way back to the front page.

This video will tell you how:

For a high definition, clearer picture, once the video starts playing:

  • click on the number with a 'p' behind it (like 360p); and
  • choose a higher number (like 720p).

If you are familiar with YouTube, and would like to watch it on YouTube instead, with Full Screen and High Definition:

  • Click on the YouTube channel logo that shows when you hover over the bottom left of the video.
  • (Easiest done before the video starts playing.)
  • You will have to select High Definition and Full Screen when the video starts in YouTube.
  • You will need to close down YouTube when finished to come back to the Community.


The video should automatically start in Full Screen, High Definition.

When finished, click the Done button in the upper left corner to return to the Community.

For more help topics, click here:


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