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Forum rules - please read


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Forum rules - please read

Posted for Admin » August 6th, 2011, 5:36 pm

We are here to discuss and support - NOT to give medical advice.

Even practicing doctors or ex-practicing doctors in this forum are at best offering you something to discuss with your doctors.

This is not a mere legal matter. Your doctors may know things about your health that would radically affect any treatment discussed here.


Always discuss any medical treatment with your regular doctor.

Do NOT rely on something you read on the forum.

Remember that there is no privacy on the Internet - whether in a forum like this, or in ordinary emails, blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Your postings on this forum can be seen by anyone with a computer.

And while nothing to do with this forum, always assume that when you send ordinary emails to anyone (from gMail, Outlook or any email program) , blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. they are going to end up in the public domain.

So don't post anything that may reflect on someone's character.

Please don't be upset if a Board Moderator removes part or all of your post. This is their job.

There possibly was something you did not realize may reflect on someone else.

If they edit part of your post, it will ..look like this.., with two dots before the change and two dots after the change.

You may wish to immediately edit your topic or comment with suitable changes, or email a Board Moderator to reconsider.

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