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Mark Moyad with more on mens health - living longer, living better


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If you weren't up in the wee small hours this morning, the Men's Health seminar with Dr Mark Moyad, it's now on YouTube. Long, but lots of good stuff (much after the interview with the sports guy).

Starting at the one hour mark - after the sports guy:




Including the sports guy about his treatment:


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Start after sports guy
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Thanks Guys,


A great talk by Mark Moyad. Fantastic to see that the need for dietary intervention is spreading.


In my case, a relapse almost immediately following surgery necessitated salvage EBRT. A second relapse, just a few months later, really put the cat among the pigeons and inspired me to take dietary intervention seriously. I was already on a "really healthy" mediterranean style diet, but it wasn't enough! I needed a total revision of what I believed to be healthy. Last January I passed my 5-year mark with undetectable PSA. The Red Cross even allow me to donate blood again!


If anyone would like some followup on ways to make a dietary change not only beneficial but easy-to-live-with as well, don't hesitate to get in touch. There is an incredible range of fantastic recipes out there now, altho' practically nothing back when I started.







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