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New Prostate Center of Excellence opens at Peter Mac


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Peter Mac  launched the Prostate Theranostics & Imaging Centre of Excellence (ProsTIC) last Thursday June 11at the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Center in Melbourne.   A $US5 million ($AU7.4 million) grant from the US-based Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) coupled with the generous philanthropy of PCF Board member Mr Stein Erik Hagen and the untiring efforts of Professor Michael Hofman to obtain this grant, has enabled us to get this fantastic new facility for Australia.

ProsTIC will lead state-of-the-art research to deliver new prostate cancer treatments – integrating clinical trials with pre-clinical and discovery research.

It will be led by nuclear medicine specialist Professor Michael Hofman and will bring together nuclear medicine, medical oncology, radiation oncology, urology and laboratory-based doctors and researchers with a strong patient-centered philosophy.

“Theranostics uses radioactive molecules to detect and treat prostate cancer, and Peter Mac is at the global forefront of the development of this completely new and targeted approach for the treatment of prostate cancer.  




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Nice launch, Barry!


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Hi Barree,

I had 4 shots of Lu177 at Sydney clinic of Theranostics Australia in 2019, and Psa went from 25 before to 0.32 at 1 year after I started, but helped by addition of Xtandi after my 3rd shot Lu177. But now its nearly 20 months since I began Lu177 and it seems likely Xtandi has ceased working and Psa is back up to about 11, so I has my 7th PsMa scan last week, I get another Psa test tomorrow, and talk to oncologist on Thursday, and evaluate my options. Docs at TA said last august that I had a good response to Lu177, and that bone mets were healing and no soft tissue mets could be seen in scan, but also said that if Psa went high again, and this is what's happening, I might get more Lu177, maybe with FDG scan depending on what is seen on last week's PsMa scan.

So exactly what comes next is not known yet, so does anyone here think I ought to get a referral to PeterMac, or should I just continue with TA in Sydney if the scan shows they could help me? 

Meanwhile, I feel quite well, and am cycling 200km+ a week at good speed, without any pains on bike so I feel more like 27 than 72 although I don't have the speed to keep up with fit young 27 yo guys.

But Canberra Hospital say I am healthiest stage 4 cancer patient they have.

But I know my Pca cannot be ignored, or mets could get out of control.

PeterMac seems to be a public hospital, but is it like Canberra Hospital where once you are admitted, you don't pay a cent for anything?

I could travel down to Melbourne OK and stay at Cheshire-Ryder lodge OK if I had to, like I did in 2016 when I had salvation SBRT at Epworth. That didn't seem to work very well, but did me no harm, but the Lu177 worked much better than chemo which failed. 

I hope you are OK.

Its a sunny morning but cold Sunday here in ACT but I'll cycle about 70km when it warms up a bit after an early lunch. 

Patrick Turner. 

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Hi Patrick,

Before you think of having any further lutetium infusions I earnestly suggest you consider getting an FDG scan.

I won’t go into the reasons why it is advisable to have an FDG scan as well as a Ga68 as Camel Pezaro covers all of the reasons why this is a basic necessity in another posting on this site and she does it far better than I can. Just search on this site or google Carmel Pezaro.


I don’t think there is any point in attempting to change from TA to Peter Mac. The only way you can legitimately get lutetium free is through Peter Mac or one of the associated hospitals conducting trials in conjunction with Peter Mac. 

It is still an experimental treatment. It has not as yet been approved by the TGA and it might be sometime before it is . Once approved by the TGA it will still not be available at a concession price through the PBS - until application has been made by manufacturers of the components of Lutetium who will prove its benefits to the MSAC and members of groups like ours who will support such an application and apply sufficient pressure to Government to get it listed on the PBS. - there is still lots to be done Patrick.


If you can get Lutetium on trial it will be free but I am unaware of any trial currently available through Peter Mac that you would be eligible to apply for.

Under these circumstances your only way of gaining access to Lutetium when you need it will be through TA 

If I have understood you correctly, you have already been treated with most PCa treatments that might work and the only one that is still showing prospects for you is Lutetium with Enzalutamide. Taking everything into consideration it seems to me you will need to stick with TA - that is if you want to continue to be treated with Lutetium which appears to be your only option.

Cheers Barree

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