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Noel Preston -my story in outline


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My journey with PC goes back to 1999 when I was diagnosed, Gleason 7 - surgery with John Yaxley August 1999. He remains my urologist. There was a narrow negative margin pathology which gave hope of success but the PSA began climbing in 2001 so in 2002 I had radiation therapy in conjunction with hormone treatment. The PSA dropped but then began rising after a couple of years. I have been on intermittent hormone therapy (about 4 periods of it) since 2005. Eligard is the product which still seems to be working for me.

I have side effects but not too drastic - except I don't think it helps the incontinence which has become quite pronounced in the last year or two. Yaxley feels and I concur that the incontinence was brought on by radiation (prior to that I was dry). I am contemplating having the sling inserted and would be very interested to hear from others who have taken this step.

Also, in the last break I had from the hormone treatment my PSA began to climb rapidly to about 8 in 6 months from less than 0.01 so I had a 6 month Eligard implant in March 2011 and by mid July the PSA was 0.11. I will have a further injection in September then the question of whether I have a break will be reviewed next year. I am beginning to wonder whether it's near the time for reviewing the hormone strategy before it hits the Hormone refractory stage. I take arange of supplemnts and drink Dr Red's Blueberry but I have no evidence that they make any difference to the PC.

Yesterday I had a bone scan and bone density test to benchmark that part of the story. Happily there is still no sign of bone metasteses though the bone density is just beginning to show signs of deterioration > I am taking a Blackmore's Magnesium plus D3 plus calcium ....Actually I am feeling very well and am active - gym etc

Of course there's more to my story than Prostate Cancer. I have a life. In fact I have written about it elsewhere including a section reflecting on my journey with Prostate Cancer. I currently live in Rockhampton but my new wife and I are moving back to Brisbane in December. I am a grandfather, retired though many projects, turn 70 in December.

I think it is Great to have this online sharing and hope I can keep up with Jim's developemnt of the site - and meet many of you (virtually) but in person in the near future.

Cheers Peace Good PSAs and whatever....

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Hi Noel

Just joined the Fourm and read about your sling interests. I received a sling in October 2010, eighteen months after my radical. I was 64 years of age at the time. While it was quite painful after the operation for almost 2 months and uncomfortable at night for a further four months, I can honestly say it was worth it in my case. Happy to talk to you about it on the telephone. Phone 07 4637 4018.


Nev Black

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Hi Noel

Im new here, and have been searching around for stuff to read, I found your story very interesting as i have been following a similar path since November 2008.

With a Gleeson of 8 and a PSA of 26, I was put on full radiation, for a number of weeks and given a couple of shots

of a hormone inhibiting drug, dont know which one, but it was expensive.

My readings after that were pretty good untill three weeks ago when My PSA shot up to 21 from a 9 eight weeks ago.

Im not an australian citizen so my treatment has been self funded and I live in Vanuatu, but luckily i do have family in Slacks creek Qld

I flew down three weeks ago to see my Urologist, and to cut a long Story Short, I was offered two options,

The first was to have two injections a year of a drug to inhibit the production of testosterone, each shot would cost me about $2,000.00. for x number of years.

The second option was a bilateral orchidectomy. At 65 with four grownup kids and ten grand kids i I went for this procedure

Its two weeks now since the day surgery and apart from soreness in the groin area things seem to be ok.

I hope it it has some lasting effect, we shall see in three months when i will get another PSA done

Ive been looking on this site to see if others have had this procedure, and the affect it has.


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30 June 2018

FYI Jim and the network.
The trial I spoke of at the last teleconference involving Nivolumab is not for me apparently. I didn't even get to base 1. The Nurse co-ordinator rang me to say that there are only 5 places left in the world! And, because I would require a biopsy the sponsoring company would not accept me given the extra costs. Such is the world of Trials.

So I am back to my private oncologist.

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