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Zometa Infusion: Side -effects

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Has any member suffered side effects from a Zometa Infusion. I recently experianced my "1st" side effects after my 16th Infusion. Extreme Nausia and fatigue for 2 days then back to my normally cheery self? Any thoughts suggestions! Thanks David

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I had 3 Zometa infusions in about 2005 - they were about 3-6 months apart.

About 8 hours after the first one it hit me like a truck.

Crawled into bed and did not move for 12 hours plus.

Aching joints and extreme fatigue - like the flu but much worse - but no cold symptoms.

Next morning I got out of bed and felt brilliant.

Similar type of symptoms after the second infusion but took longer to hit me and severity much reduced.

Very little symptoms after the third infusion.

I may have to have more infusions in the future so will be interesting to see what happens.

Cannot explain why it took you 16 infusions to get the effects.

Did you get any after the initial infusions?

Regards Tony Maxwell Sydney

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Tony Thanks for your feedback.

Have had no side-effects what so ever until the otherday. Weird.

When I first started I was having them monthly, however when I changed from the Private System to the Public System the Oncologist thought monthly Zometa Infusions was an over kill and put me out to 6wks and my go out to 8wks depending on bloods and how I was coping. (over servicing) Have now had 4infusions 6wks apart.



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