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Medication and Driving

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by DavidAbrahams » August 17th, 2011, 7:07 pm

How many sufferes of APC drive when taking medication and understand/ know what the impacts may be?

How many of us read bother to read the warning labels or the CMI leaflet. The TPCSG had a pharmacist give an intersting presentation on the subject.


• Remember your driving can affect not only you, but also your passengers and others on the road.

• Always ask your doctor or pharmacist about the medication you have been prescribed and its potential effects on your driving capabilities.

• Read all the labels on all your medicines.

• Keep the telephone number of your doctor or pharmacist handy. If you have taken medication and are unsure whether you can drive or suspect you might be impaired, contact your doctor or pharmacist to ask their advice. They

can consider your medical situation and provide you with the best advice.

• Be aware of the dangers of mixing medications with other drugs and alcohol. Remember to ask your doctor or pharmacist about interactions with any other medications you are taking.

• Remember to tell your doctor if you are required to drive or operate machinery for work or business purposes.

More tips can be found on WWW.carrssq.qut.edu.au

Medication and driving fact sheet.

I could be wrong but I suspect many people drive when under the influence of medication. Aslk yourself is it worth the risk. Having APC is not acceptable as an excuse when you are in front of the Judge!

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