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PCRI March Update - bad news, good news

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In short

Bad news is that the PCRI March update is cancelled.

Good news is that the experts will be live streamed for free.

More detail

The Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) holds two conferences a year for prostate cancer patients and those who care about them. There is a one day conference in March, and a few-day conference in September each year.

The conferences are held in Los Angeles, USA.

A number of our members have gone to these conferences, and found them very helpful.

Because of corona virus concerns, the March conference is cancelled.

The experts who were to speak to a live audience will instead be live streamed, world wide, for free. (Live streaming is a bit like YouTube - you can watch on phone, tablet or computer. You can submit questions in advance.)

You can RSVP here:



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