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Peter McNally 16/08/2011

Guest petermac

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I was diagnosed two and half years ago with Avanced Pros.Cancer with a Gleeson score of 9, had radiation therapy with gold seed inplants for 8 weeks, achieved a 0.1 PSA outcome but was not able to achieve any lengthy remission with PSA increasing almost immediately, I've been on Zoladex for two years, couple of additional radiation therapies for soft tissue growth, enlarged lymph nodes and bone strengthening. End of 2010, significant bone metastases and liver tumours and so started chemo. I've had 10 chemo treatments each 3 weeks apart with taxotere and Zometa(for bone strenghening). That has just finished with a current PSA of 0.67. The chemo was helping but it's cumulative impact was increasing fatigue, breathlessness after slightest exertion, feet swelling, etc. It has still been worth it re extra time on the planet, and its impact on tumours. I am lining up for a restricted trial of Abaratone + prednisone but I'm not eligible for that til my PSA starts to climb. The trial is restricted to APC patients who have has chemo plus some other requirements.

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