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Advanced prostate cancer treatments: The latest on what the doctors think


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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...

We usually report research results. Results that your doctor may use to plan your treatment.

But prostate cancer specialists are often faced with a choice that has no direct evidence to guide them.

So, they assemble every couple of years, then survey the audience of specialists to find what people generally recommend in those cases. This is a review of the last meeting in Basel, Switzerland.


We normally present material that can be understood by most people, but this review is aimed at doctors, so is only for people who are up with medical jargon.

Test sentence

Most striking – 100% of panellists voted for ADT combined with something else (docetaxel or an androgen receptor (AR) pathway inhibitor) in patients with de novo high-volume mHSPC.

Understand that, more or less, then try the review:



Thanks to Dr Declan Murphy of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne for permission to reprint, and to Anne Savage, Head of Communications at Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) for drawing it to our attention.

... end Jim

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Docetaxel for frail and older patients.

Short video by Prof Heinz Josef Lenz  of the American Society of Clinical Oncologists about Chemo for older patients.

In this Video  Prof Lenz discusses the use of Chemo for Gastroesophageal  Cancer. I have used the lower dose rates discussed in this video to reduce the side effects of Chemo being administered to treat me for advanced metastatic prostate Cancer. The lower dose rates reduced the side effects and the treatment was quite effective.

Click this link  https://tinyurl.com/ujh96tw   to see suggestions as to how Chemo side effects  may be reduced in older and elderly patients.  “If you are about to get Chemo this is something you might want to discuss with your Medical Oncologist.

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