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Ian Blake passes away

Guest Ian

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I just wanted to let member’s of this forum know that my husband Ian Blake passed away on Saturday 25th January 2020. He fought a seventeen and a half year battle with prostate cancer with courage, resilience and determination. So many times on this journey we were told that he had run out of treatment options only for something new to come up and he extended his survival time a bit longer. In January 2019 he again ran out of treatment options and we were told he only had a few months left. In true Ian fashion it was 12 more months before he passed away. My very best wishes to you all as your continue your prostate cancer journey. 

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So sorry for your loss.

We will all miss Ian as well.

Ever since he first called in to our phone-in meeting in 2014 his story has given hope to many members and those who care for them.

More than that, after he told his story to our American guest speaker, Dr Mark Moyad, I heard it repeated at several conferences over the next few years whenever Dr Moyad was speaking about chemotherapy.

Ian also inspired with his quiet stoicism in the face of adversity - his matter of fact "I have osteomyelitis in my right toe this time and will have it amputated on Monday." was a classic example.


Our condolences to you and yours.


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And a couple of notes:

Hi Jim, Its a while since we spoke so thought I would give you an update .I had 15 months remission and after 85 chemo treatments, psa fell to 10. Started Xtandi 5 months ago.The first 2 months PSA was still rising to 155 but it plateaued and is now 90.

Been having severe headache for 8 weeks after a fall. Had CT scan, no bleeding. Just had MRI just in case there is a met in the brain.Will find out result on Monday. 

I hope you are well.

Kind regards Ian Blake

29 June 2018
Hi Jim,

AS decided, I am having 6 treatments of cabazitaxel. just completed 3rd treatment. Didn't know what to expect but it's all for the best. PSA is dropping dramatically and is now 252.still too high but will assess situation after 6 treatments. Maybe have 3 months break. Nuelasta is a boon.

Recently saw a urologist. I have been incontinent for at least 4 years Having cystoscopy 18th Dec. Most likely there is cancer around the sphyncter. cannot operate because cancer tissue does not repair itself. Alternative is a catheter or continue to use pads. 

Here's wishing you and your wife good health and happiness.

6 December 2018

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Love, hugs and prayers for both of you at this time.


Peter Casey

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