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2019 PCRI annual Prostate Cancer Patient Conference now available for streaming or as DVDs


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Many sessions at the 2019 PCRI Prostate Cancer Patient Conference were recorded.

They are now available in two forms:

As a one-year streaming service for USD75 (AUD109):


As DVDs for USD150 (AUD218)


Note that the streaming service can be viewed from your browser, but that the subscription only lasts for one year. To view the streaming service, you will need to join (for free) the streaming service Vimeo (which is like YouTube).

In past years I have bought the DVDs. I am finding the streaming service very much easier to find the information I am looking for.

However, while all the main experts are covered in the streaming service, it only covers about half of the medical experts attending.

For a summary of almost all sessions, including some of the smaller events, see:

In this typical extract from the 2019 PCRI Conference, Tomasz Beer,  Medical Oncologist, talks about second generation hormone therapies now being used earlier in advanced prostate cancer:

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