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PCRI Thursday: Diet for men with prostate cancer: Mark Moyad


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There are five Thursdays in this month.

Each Thursday I aim to present one of the YouTube videos from the PCRI.

This video today is about diet for men with prostate cancer, by Mark Moyad, an old friend of ours.



And a reminder that we have a few videos of our own on the JimJimJimJim channel:



Including an audio YouTube video of Mark Moyad on one of our phone-in meetings: Mark Moyad Prostate Cancer Research Report 2017:



“Dr. Moyad is arguably the world’s leading medical expert on dietary supplements, but he’s not quick to recommend them to everyone.” (from the Editors of Prevention Magazine). He currently occupies an endowed position, which was created and funded entirely by the patients he has helped over the past 25+ years.  He is the Jenkins/Pokempner Director of Preventive/Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical Center in the Department of Urology.


The Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) is an important source of information for about prostate cancer for patients, families, and the medical community. As part of their mission to empower men and their caregivers they make YouTube videos.

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Thanks for this video. I found it interesting and informative.He is a very good speaker.


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Good to see diet and nutrition being discussed here. Impressive as this guy is I feel like he is kind of telling us what we want to hear, eat what makes you happy is a very attractive approach but not exactly scientific or evidence based. In fact there is lots of evidence in support of very specific dietary approaches like eating more soy products, more fresh fruit and vegetable, less wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol and red meat. I don't think anyone should be dogmatic about it but taking even small steps in these directions seems very likely to have real benefits. There is also plenty of evidence around cooked tomato (lycopene), turmeric, green tea,  broccoli and broccoli sprouts,  that would all be fairly easy to incorporate into your diet so I'm not sure why there isn't more promotion of some fairly simple dietary guidelines. 








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I have had the good fortune to attend a couple of  PCRI Conferences in LA, where Dr Moyad is the Moderator. 

He definitely believes a heart healthy diet is a prostate healthy diet. (Mediterranean diet)

If you have a healthy diet a great majority of the time, this enables you to eat what ever you like, for example, you go to dinner with friends or cake with coffee on a special occasion. 

He definitely not suggesting whatever you like whenever you like.

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