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Jim's new iMac - thanks


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I was both humbled and heartened by the response to Nev’s proposal:

- humbled by many of the things Nev told me that people had said.

- heartened by the support for what we have been doing.


In detail

It is hard for me to communicate just how much this means to me, on so many levels.

But I’ll just mention a couple.


Firstly - accessibility. A neurological condition that has particularly bothered me for the past quarter century makes it impossible for me to click or move a mouse for more than a very short time or to use a keyboard for a long time. My solution has been to write small programs called macros that help with this. For instance, I find it almost impossible to drag an object on screen with a mouse or trackpad. One of the macros listens to my keyboard, and when I double tap the Caps Lock key, turns on dragging, then when I have moved to a new place at my leisure, dragging is turned off by the next double tap. Another macro, when I tap the back apostrophe key ( ` ) brings up an A-Z menu of common things I do. For instance, P brings up a PubMed search box, S sends an SMS on my phone and so on.

These 350+ macros are written in a Mac-only language (Keyboard Maestro). Without this handsome gift you have given me, I was looking at settling for a hand-me-down PC from a grandson, and this facility would have been lost to me, making me far less productive.


Secondly - quality YouTube videos. While it is true you can record a clip on your smart phone and upload it to YouTube, people only keep coming back or recommending a video if it has certain quality of sound and video (but doesn’t look too much like a commercial production). Where I have been able to get close to what is needed, many people have been helped. For instance, so far more than 50,000 people have viewed my Gleason Score video, and more than 20,000 have viewed my Bones and Prostate Cancer video set. Before it went with a bang, my old iMac could not run the newer video software that would best suit me. This new computer be able to run this software - DaVinci Resolve Studio - and will make me more productive with my time. The power of the new computer will also open new possibilities - Skype type interviews with experts perhaps, or YouTube live sessions.


So I am ready to go - inspired and excited! (Also a little daunted at the task of restoring 10 years of files, making up for 5 lost weeks, and getting up to speed with the new software and possibilities, all with the feeling that eyes will be upon my performance from now.)


I am eternally grateful to Nev for many things, including organising this. Nev insisted that he was thanking contributors on my behalf, and that I should not thank people until the goods were delivered. I originally intended to thank contributors individually, but it turned out that quite a number of people expressed support, but said they were not personally in a financial position to contribute. That, combined with Nev’s insistence on a picture report has resulted on this post to members.


In short

To each and every one of you who contributed, or who wished they could contribute, and to everyone who so kindly said such wonderful things -

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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It has been my absolute pleasure to have been able to help out.  May you have many more years of pleasure doing what you do for all of us.

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