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Peter Mac have jusr released a new in house video on Nuclear Medicine. Its worth a look as this is the future of nuclear medicine and this video relates specifically to Prostate Cancer. Its worth a look fellas - just click the link below.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPpK_7hzzAY&t=9s


Cheers Barree

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Hi Barree,

Not a bad video that Peter Mac have put out, part of their advertising material suggesting any given patient is the subject of a team of doctors who would suggest the best way forward using nuclear medicine that has become much better with the PsMa method. But the video didn't say people are frightened of the word "nuclear" and without the targeting of nuclides to where tumours are occurring that was invented years ago in Germany, people had much to be afraid of. 

So far so good with my progress with 4 x Lu177 infusions from Theranostics Australia, also combined with enzalutamide after the 3rd Lu177. No more Lu177 are planned straightaway. Psa was 0.7 last week, trending down and report with last PsMa Ga68 PET/CT scan all positive. No bad side effects from enzalutamide yet. I might need more Lu177 or maybe Ac225 or even Ra223 if Psa zooms up, as it probably will. Its no use me thinking or feeling it won't be a problem in future. If its not, then I'll just welcome the luck, but what other treatment could I have in future if the Pca grows back up like a weed that is resistant to chemo, and worse, it does not show PsMa avidity and therefore no theranostic treatment can be used to target radiation?

Professor Hofman once said to me its all very well getting Psa low, but have we got the disease threat level low?

I'll have face that when I get there, but DNA analysis for Brca2 gene has already been suggested and then try using PARP inhibitors to bash Pca to bits. From what little I know, I am probably Brca positive because my dad's mum got Brca or Oa, one sister got Oa, other got Brca, and this led me to think I'd get something for sure, and whang, a good dose of inoperable Pca resulted in 2009 despite the low Psa. But such DNA analysis and PARP therapy is notoriously unreliable, as I saw happen with a man who had a pile of mets spring up that had no PsMa avidity in his liver. He also had mets with PsMa avidity, and had hopes to get Lu177, but the liver mets killed him fast, not yet 60 yo. He lasted only 3 years after Pca diagnosis, despite all the doctors around the tables in Melbourne. He had a lovely wife and two teenage kids, so outcome was a tragedy for his family without the main breadwinner.


I would suggest Peter Mac lobby Govt to get threshold for full examination of PG to 3.0, not the 5.0 now used. We have much better scans now. But it could be argued that Big Medicine does not benefit from prevention; its financial "success" depends of ever more patients getting evermore expensive medical interventions with a low cure rate.

But in fact, as us baby boomers get old, there'll be no shortage of Pca patients. Men are told to see a doctor early and so often they won't, talking to men about doctors is sometimes like talking to an obstinate brick. I was not like this and had Psa tests for many years to make sure I'd get Pca detected early, but after doing the right thing I still didn't avoid the Long Fight, costing myself and Medicare about $200,000 so far. Had I had a successful RP when Psa was 3.0, maybe 4 years before my diagnosis when Psa was 5.5, and with bilateral nerve sparing, cost in today's dough would have been less than $20,000. I'd have no ED or continence or bone density bothers, or accumulated side effects of so much treatment that I would have to think is shortening my life. 

It seems to me that the Polly Tishans are also like the obstinate brick. 

If less than 1% of the $2.8trillion in super funds was spent on active prevention then surely all of us would be so much better off. But we have rich ppl unwilling to spend a cent on anything medical, and certainly not on someone else's medical problem.

Patrick  Turner. 

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