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Help with research from your own home: Any man with prostate cancer

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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...

Many members are keen to help with research into the condition that affects us all.

The last opportunity we offered you (Phase II of an Exercise with mets study) was limited greatly by having to reach certain places in certain capital cities.


The trial below, however, is available to any man with the disease.

Results of the trial should make it easier to reach more men and those who care for them, to offer them information and support.


It involves an online survey, or you can be sent a paper copy if that is more convenient.

The study has Ethics Committee approval, and is registered on the Pathfinder system.

A random prize draw is offered to participants.

You can volunteer by emailing Denise on Denise.Pyle@usq.edu.au or phoning her on 0433 069 922.

... end Jim



The Who and When of Online Prostate Cancer Communities 


We are looking for men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer to participate in our study. 

(Participation is not restricted by time since diagnosis, stage of disease, treatment type, or treatment stage etc.) 


We want to know who does and who does not use online prostate cancer communities.

We also want to identify what influences your use of, or what deters you from using,

online prostate cancer communities. 


Participation in this study involves:

Stage 1 = 45 to 60-minute baseline survey (hardcopy or online)

Stage 2 = 5-minute six-month follow-up survey (phone or online) 


Participants are eligible to enter a random prize draw for the chance to win

one of three $200 / $100 / $50 (AUD) prepaid VISA gift cards. 


To participate or if you want to know more please contact the Principal Investigator:

Denise Pyle Denise.Pyle@usq.edu.au 0433 069 922 

This study has been approved by the University of Southern Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee: H19REA055

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